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Brand management
Switching agencies? Here are five tips to save you time and money
07 September 2015 • Philippe Jacques
The average life span of a client account varies between 3-5 years. At Solocom, our average is significantly higher thanks to the positive return on investment we generate for our clients. Some have even been with us for more than a decade, namely, Saputo, Labopharm, Domtar and WalterCharron, as well as À la carte express…
Brand management
We are officially in a recession. Now is the time to act!
03 September 2015 • Philippe Jacques
When you have been in business for over 25 years, you have the advantage of having observed different markets, the economy in general and — above all ­—business leaders’ reactions. Inevitably, sooner or later, there is an economic slowdown. The economy contracts, and we are faced with either a technical or a real recession. So…
Brand management
In a competitive market? Align your brand strategies with your business strategies
16 July 2015 • Philippe Jacques
Company executives usually contact me, because their team needs a hand in reaching their business objectives. Following various discussions and approval of the mandate, we begin the process by applying our methodology; the first step of which is analyzing the company’s various strategic elements. Two classic pitfalls to avoid In some cases, we realize that…
Marketing Innovation
Daily innovation, a winning approach for many executives
28 May 2015 • Philippe Jacques
What’s happening this week in Montreal? The fourth annual C2-MTL, a creativity and commerce conference that is the highlight of the business conference circuit. This is the fourth time that I’m attending and I would like to once again congratulate the C2-MTL team and Sid Lee, who continue to push and reinvent the concept every…
Brand management
Is the implementation plan for your brand strategy as robust as your new workout program?
14 May 2015 • Philippe Jacques
You’ve started to huff and puff as you climb the stairs and your waist has definitely thickened. It’s time to get back in shape! After conducting the usual research, you sign up for a gym that’s located close to work. For a while, you manage to work out 3-4 times a week and then… nothing.…