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  • Want to improve your online presence without breaking the bank?
  • Unsure which platforms to use in order to optimise your ROI?
  • Don’t know which message to communicate based on your business objectives or how to measure online results?

Our team of experts will guide you through the complex and inevitable digital world. With your budget in mind, we will help you grow your business thanks to powerful, flexible and useful tools with a tangible ROI.

Improve your digital performance

Solocom: A solid digital strategy and custom-build approach for your business

In digital marketing, improving your online presence versus your competition can be very complex and expensive to setup, possibly jeopardising your ROI. Moreover, ways to go about it differ drastically whether you are aiming for local, national or international markets.

Our team sets you up with the right tools and strategy based on your digital objectives, your target market and your budget, for concrete and measurable results. Avoid missteps and choose Solocom for a go-getter approach. Together, your online budget will increase your sales, expand your reach and target the right prospects at the right place with the right tools.

Solocom’s approach to digital marketing

  1. The first step is to determine together your positioning and your competitive environment, your business objectives (1 year, 3 years, 5 years), and your resources. We then establish a development plan.


  1. We compare the data from your industry, your competitors and our analysis tools in order to determine your strengths, challenges and especially your best opportunities.


  1. We help your decision makers elaborate a solid branding and marketing plan. This will become the foundation of your business development.


  1. We then run an audit of your online presence, your promotions and your sales plan. We adjust as necessary to ensure consistency with your public image and your CRM.


  1. As soon as the new strategy kicks off, we implement a constant data analysis and a proactive approach to continuously improve that process.


  1. Lastly, we stay abreast of best practices and new technologies to keep you at the top of innovation and ahead of your competitors.

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Checklist for a successful online performance


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Being listed at the top of Google results is only half the battle: you have to be seen by the right customer at the right time. A thorough audit of your online ecosystem, your competition and your business objectives is necessary to have a positive impact on your potential customers.


Branding. You SEO’s review, combined with a strong brand image designed by Solocom’s designers, will increase your relevancy and will make you stand out from the competition.


Online advertising. A cleverly planned online ad strategy will stretch your dollar further. Save time and money by reaching the right target from the get-go.


Web planning. Each advertising campaign must be carefully planned: What to say? To whom? And when? Should you use keywords, web banners, emails or retargeting? No single action gives results, but a combination of proven tactics.


Structured content. Solocom has developed a complete content monitoring model focused on your target personas. This allows the best possible impact of each post.


Measuring online performance. To know what works and what doesn’t, you need empirical data. We set you up with analytical tools specifically adapted to your goals so you can access live data on easy-to-use dashboards.

Solocom : the ideal partner for your digital performance

Thanks to our accumulated and up-to-date digital understanding, we can set our clients up with omnichannel strategies. Message consistency and communication agility are key to digital investment success.

Tell us about your challenges. We are in business to take them on.