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Global brand management

The Fonds de la Fédération des médecins omnipraticiens du Québec (FMOQ) has relied on the experts at Solocom for their communications for years. Our creative director set the branding guidelines for the FMOQ when its new logo was created, overseeing its use as the organization’s needs evolved. This took place in a competitive business context, with other players vying for the organization’s target clients. Consistent, coherent branding by professionals who understand your issues transforms those issues into success. Find out how!

A tasteful and illustrated anniversary brochure, to celebrate with simplicity.

The Solocom team can answer all types of demands: the agency owes its reputation to its creativity as well as to its great infographic rigour. The anniversary brochure is an example of this balance where a specific layout incorporates original artwork that brings the subject to life.

Depuis plusieurs années, nous confions la qualité de nos communications graphiques et numériques à l’équipe de Solocom, des professionnels qui allient l’intelligence et la créativité dans la conception à la synergie et l’efficience dans l’exécution. Notre relation de confiance avec ces collaborateurs est sans cesse renforcée par leur volonté de nous satisfaire et de surpasser nos attentes. Nous les recommandons sans aucune hésitation. »

Martine Payette

Directrice Affaires corporatives, Marketing et Communications

An RRSP / TFSA campaign taken to the next level

Through written promotional content, the Fonds FMOQ strives to create a strong connection with their clients regarding their professional reality.

Solocom increased the impact of the Funds’ communication by highlighting their unique management of the RRSP and TFSA products, for succession planning, while keeping the emphasis on their loyal customer base.

A client in synergy with his agency, for excellence in communication

At a time when the constant hiring of different freelancers inevitably leads to brand confusion and loss of momentum, the long-term relationship we have with the Fonds FMOQ allows us to grow the brand, monitor the evolution of their clients and accompany them towards new challenges, such as social media marketing.

A 360-degree relationship that bears fruit at all levels!

From their marketing strategy to their print and web applications, Solocom, as the main agency, supports the Fonds FMOQ . Our client can thus count on a solid brand experience and, with our experts coaching them any time they need it, they can continually improve their marketing knowledge. Because we know their market inside and out, Solocom, in addition to providing peace of mind and saving time, also becomes the marketing memory of the company.

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