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Design / Stationery / Signage

Stingray is one of the biggest distributors of musical multiplatform products and services in the world. To convey their offer effectively, Sid Lee created a new identity for the company, and Solocom expressed this new brand throughout their communications materials. See how Stingray made an impact on their market with our help.

A complete rebranding of their communication tools

Solocom’s designers have redesigned Stingray’s communication tools to allow both global and integrated brand management: it’s about thinking of all the contact points of the brand rather than focusing on individual attributes. From the business card to the complete stationery of the brand, through the email tagline and building signage, all was created to make the brand stand out in its environment and its market.

A graphic mandate like no other: the head office sign

When a sign on a building catches your attention, it is because nothing is left to chance. From the size of the letters to the lighting, from materials to color contrast, the delivery required several tests and meticulous production. Solocom is proud to have supported Stingray in this outstanding mandate.

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