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Tube Caron was a well kept secret in its market, known among faithful clients for its niche expertise. Seeing that it was in a comfortable yet delicate position, the company turned to Solocom for a solid marketing plan. With its consistent implementation, Tube Caron moved from a focus on order intakes to a phase of professional business development. The result? The change in culture the president wanted was folded in with succession planning and the adoption of high-performance digital tools.
Find out how we helped Tube Caron reinvent itself and conquer new markets.

A relevant marketing strategy in order to trigger highly beneficial opportunities for the sales team

Solocom put in place a tailor-made marketing plan to share Tube Caron’s expertise to the largest number of high potential prospects. Our team developed a range of complementary tools (e-mails, social media accounts, marketing automation, etc.) to promote the company and to gather relevant data on business opportunities in Canada and the United States. The goal? To be well positioned when the target clients are ready to place their order.

Support the next generation of this family business as they master the methods and the established tools. To prepare an effective succession, Tube Caron involves the founder’s family in the operational activities.

Solocom contributed in various ways to the transition with:

  • meetings with management,
  • one-on-one coaching,
  • weekly marketing planning.

A brand image renewed, distinctive and effective. Although Tube Caron’s DNA is completely different from that of its competitors, the company’s communication pieces did not reflect their benefits, their strengths, nor even their personality. Our designers created a dynamic industrial design environment, a true graphic chart applicable to all tools for clarity, synergy and influence.

A range of complementary tools to share expertise and lead to connection, including:

  • A brand-focused responsive website, easily accessible on all types of digital devices.
  • A design-driven corporate brochure with photos taken at the head office and the factory.
  • Dynamic corporate videos, available on the website, for presentations or trade shows.

Strengthen marketing capacities and the emergence of a new entrepreneurial spirit

Our actions at Tube Caron have made it possible to boost business development by implementing a progressive transformation of sales leads into clients via a conversion funnel. Thus equipped, we helped the leaders of this successful Quebec SME to see their potential in a different way. They no longer see themselves as just a reliable family business but, quite rightly, as world-class suppliers to companies operating at a global level.

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