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Specializing in protective textiles, Tulmar serves two industries with extremely high standards: aviation and defense. The company’s goal was to communicate effectively with these two segments while highlighting its 25 years of expertise in current technologies. When you work with military specifications on a daily basis, every aspect of your communications must be faultless. Learn how Solocom delivered an of-the-moment, high-performance digital platform to synchronize Tulmar’s internal and external communications.

Design two visually distinct industrial worlds on the same website

The Solocom team preferred distinct colour codes against a dark textured background to allow instant identification, by the web user, of the right market segment . The architecture of the site, in silos, allows the visitor to browse the industry of his choice by having access to all the useful links, without getting lost in other sections of the site. At the same time, the fact that these two industries appear side by side on the same website strengthens Tulmar’s overall credibility.

Utilize best digital practices supporting performance

The Tulmar website has been set-up for easy access during trade shows where the majoriy of visitors use mobile devices as they move about: the website has been conceived to facilitate simplified browsing.The SEO by the Solocom experts according to the current optimal efficiency standards.

A site designed as a service centre for sophisticated clients

The Tulmar website serves as a technical platform for visitors: because of this highly specialized audience, numerous technical sheets are available for download. The marketing component is also very present with all the company documentation available in a separate section. Many Calls to Action (CTA) and a solid contact page complete the package.

A dynamic website that will benefit Tulmar, thanks to the support of Solocom

Our team will provide digital support on a regular basis: coaching of the Tulmar staff, updating the software, renewing content and answering all questions as the staff become more and more familiar with their new business tool. The goal? To avoid the main pitfalls of new websites: excitement during the launch, followed by a decrease in usage and then updates. The constant enhancements of the site will make it relevant for visitors at all times: flexible enough to face an ever-changing market and interesting enough to capture the attention of search engines.

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