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  • Do you want to increase your employee’s productivity, regardless of their location?
  • Are you wasting time with follow-ups or looking for important documents?
  • Do you feel like you are under-performing or that your processes impede your company’s development?

Trust Solocom’s experience in digital organisational execution to optimise your company’s processes. We are experts at implementing essential tools for efficient managing:

  • Emails and exchanges management (internal and external)
  • CRM system
  • Documents management
  • Project management and monitoring

Because change can be alarming, we assist you through the integration of all elements into a comprehensive whole. By making your processes simpler, we ensure each employee focuses on tasks that add value to your business.

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Technology to palliate the labour shortage

Hiring currently constitutes a challenge. A labour shortage often puts the most pressure on your most dedicated and highest performing employees. You should set them up with the proper tools and train them to use those tools efficiently. Using automation in order to reduce repetitive and tedious tasks will improve your employees’ productivity and motivation.


That’s the premise of Business 4.0. But beware! It is a frequent mistake to simply implement new tools without the proper support and counseling. That’s where Solocom plays a vital role in your digital transformation: Customised tools based on both your technical needs and your company culture, while ensuring a smooth transition. Support, advice and continual improvement will ensure optimal results in the short, mid and long term.

Solocom’s approach to digital organisational performance

We define together the employee experience that you wish to implement. Many tasks can be automated as long as they are properly completed. A detailed game plan, which takes into account all goals and challenges facing your employees, is essential. Skipping this step is the main cause of failure when implementing such systems.

Once this crucial step is completed, we configure and customise the systems while integrating it to the tools already in place.

Then, we train your employees on how to use the new tools to their full potential. We do so while preserving your company’s culture, which made your success so far. The challenge resides in balancing customisation, training and optimal use of all available tools.

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Solocom’s Digital Performance Toolbox

All these tools can work together in order to offer a unique work experience, in which each employee will feel comfortable.

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Google Apps Suite. The best available suite to manage emails, documents, agendas and exchanges between employees. Both intuitive and powerful, Google Apps allow to centralise all operations in a reliable and secure place. It also enables any employee to work from and device from anywhere.

Système de gestion de la clientèle - SGC - ou CRM

Zoho Tools Suite. The vast array of Zoho applications integrate seamlessly together to avoid task duplications. From CRM to project management and gamification to motivate your employees, Zoho apps are easy to install and offer the best value on the market.


Google Data Studio & Microsoft PowerBI. The best way to track your profitability is to have access to relevant data at any given moment, without having to wait until end-of-month reports. Setting up dashboards allow you to easily track each department in real time.

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Why choose Solocom for your digital transformation?

Thanks to our accumulated and up-to-date digital understanding, we can set our clients up with powerful online tools. Process flexibility and focusing on value-added tasks are key to digital investment success.

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