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The first thing you have to sell on your web site is its attractiveness. That’s why smart planning combining strategy, content and UX is essential.

Solocom’s experts make those your allies to create a web site that creates dividends. As branding professionals, we will develop a strong message, tailored to each of your target markets. Our specialists in programming, design and SEO will team up to produce a technically impeccable site.

Did you know it takes less than 8 seconds for visitors to decide whether they are interested in your site or not?

That’s the time you have, not to sell, but to convince them to remain on your site.

Solocom’s approach to web site development

Are you planning to invest into a new web site or refurbishing your current site?

We work with you to define the digital user experience you wish to offer, and integrate it to your business goals. Don’t just reskin your site when you can improve its impact on your bottom line!

With all components in hand, we determine the best ways to communicate your message, from  the best possible structure to powerful calls to action.

From this structure, we design the site and write relevant content. These complementary steps, executed in the right order, will lead up to a site which will fully meet your clients expectations.

Solocom’s toolbox

WordPress Content Management System. When properly configured and regularly updated, WordPress is an excellent tool to manage your site. From designers to programmers and high-end hosting, we have every expert you’ll need for an impeccable site. We can also support and program on other platforms as well as entirely custom sites.

Google Analytics & Search Console. To ensure your site meets your expectations, we must be able to monitor it. Every site Solocom delivers are configured to collect data through an account owned by you.

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Solocom: Custom solutions for all your web needs

A pretty site or a site that pays dividends?

Most companies will simply create a site and adjust it as needed later. Here are 3 reasons why you should make a long-term plan instead:

To avoid redoing the work. A common mistake is to not plan for medium to long-term. For instance, you might need a dedicated landing page to receive traffic from an online ad campaign targeting a specific audience. All too often, advertisers direct traffic to the page “that fits best” among those already up. This generally leads to poor results.

You only get one chance at a first impression. It is very hard to repair a bad first impression. Thus, a poorly designed site might turn off potential prospects even before you get a chance to present your product. That’s why your branding is just as important as your site’s content and SEO.

When trying to talk to everyone, you end up talking to no one. In other words, you have to make sure the right content is used in the right context and for the right target audience.

An attractive site that ALSO pays dividends?

With Solocom, it’s possible.

Why choose Solocom for your new web site?

Thanks to our accumulated and up-to-date digital understanding, we can set our clients up with omnichannel strategies. With a solid web site as a foundation, message consistency and communication agility are key to digital investment success.

Tell us about your challenges. We are in business to take them on.