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  • Did you know that a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) can increase your sales by 25% without new hiring?
  • Do you know when a potential client is interested in your product?
  • Do you have a list of your 10 main prospects to contact next week?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you might have trouble increasing or maintaining your company’s growth. A good CRM is essential to your development plan, especially if you have a full-time sales team.

Implement your CRM system

Solocom: your certified CRM implementation and customisation partner

A few benefits Zoho CRM can bring you:

  • Gather clients information in a single database
  • Qualify potential clients
  • Identify and prioritise prospects based on their potential
  • Plan resources needed to deliver each project and to build customer loyalty
  • Pool client information and increase customer service productivity
  • Access quickly all relevant information when a prospect calls you

Your team will be able to maximise the number of clients and prospects without neglecting any of them. By centralising all information, sharing contacts among a team becomes fluid and eliminates silo work mentality.

Our value added: customisation of the CRM based on your business objectives

A CRM is a tool. To fully benefit from it and reach your business objectives, it is important to customise it to your enterprise and that users master it.

As such, it is essential to be guided properly through the many implementation steps so that your CRM becomes your go-to dashboard for all your business activities.

Solocom’s approach to CRM performance

Solocom’s experts offer value added branding strategies. We help you maximise the impact of all your communication tools be sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Implementing such tools without proper planning usually results in failure. Thanks to our tailored step-by-step approach, Solocom assists you in setting up an action plan based on strong branding and your business goals. For each type of prospect, or persona, we develop a clear and coherent message for every step of the relationship:

  • On your website
  • In your emails
  • Through phone conversations and voicemails
  • In the active definition of each prospect (manage up to 3 times more potential clients with your current team)
  • In your meetings and presentations

The image and reputation of your company and your sales team are strengthened at each step of the sales process.

The essentials for a top-performance CRM

Attract, incite and convert your prospects to clients with these 5 fundamental tools:


Zoho CRM. For centralised management of your clients database. Our experts will train your staff to best practices standards and customise each module according to your specific needs.


Zoho SalesIQ. Do you use live chat? We can integrate live chat into your CRM (to track history) and even trace back visits of an important prospect and determine his interest.

Google Cloud Icon Logo Large 192px color (png)

Google Apps. We can integrate your email system into the CRM. This centralises information while maintaining work habits.


Google Ads & Analytics. By integrating tools together, we can efficiently track a user’s path. This allows us to see what doesn’t work as well as the unexpected jewels to harness.


Dashboard. The proper reading and understanding of data are essential to your success. Clear and interactive dashboards allow you to correctly analyse any situation and easily interpret the impact of your actions.

Interested to know more about these tools?

We will gladly demonstrate them in your offices.

Why choose Solocom for your digital transformation?

Thanks to our accumulated and up-to-date digital understanding, we can set our clients up with omnichannel strategies. Message consistency and communication agility are key to digital investment success.

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