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Café Napoléon

Global brand management

Coffee roasters have seen steady growth for many years. To reach new consumers and build brand loyalty in a hyper-competitive, saturated market, Café Napoléon urgently needed to differentiate itself. . . while working with a budget that was relatively restrained, compared to their multinational competitors. The solution? Since 2005, Solocom has repositioned the business as a micro-roaster of artisanal gourmet coffee. Thanks to the precision of Café Napoléon’s roasting techniques, we were able to create an intensity scale, running from mild (15) to dark (85). Now customers can select the roast that’s best for them. Find out how we helped Café Napoléon transform its business. 

Reinforce the retail presence of the brand.

Solocom set up customized coffee self-serving areas for many of Harnois’ strategic establishments . The coffee shop atmosphere stimulates sales and provides multiple coffee tasting options. The result? The retailer stands out more and improves customer loyalty while allowing for attractive deals with other products in the convenience stores.

Expand the coffee offer towards a more gourmet-savvy market segment.

In order to increase the credibility of Café Napoléon, Solocom’s creative team has designed a line of four high-end coffees. The Collection Origins brings authentic coffees to the most sophisticated customers and are sealed in boxes recognizable by the iconic feminine faces of each region visited.

Modernize the brand identity for better recognition.

  • a warm color like red
  • suitable for the restraints of reproduction on various formats
  • five stars: a reminder of the level of consistency and excellence delivered with every roast of their gourmet coffees

Muscle-up the digital experience offered by Café Napoléon.

Solocom experts build each website to function as the best ambassador for our clients, both in terms of sales and brand. Suitable for all screen formats, with its responsive and contemporary design, cafenapoleon.com is the ideal tool for effective solicitation and for catering to the needs of every coffee buyer.

A stronger brand, a solid growth, an expanding network.

Solocom has done more than develop the image of Café Napoléon: we have optimized every dollar of their marketing budget, professionalised their communications, strengthened their website and built effective advertising campaigns to develop business-to-business sales (B2B). We have also been involved in many major account acquisitions. The secret of the Solocom method? A strategic 360-degree approach, constant marketing support and a common passion for coffee. It has enabled us to achieve key projects together for the benefit of our favorite roaster of gourmet coffees.

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