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Reactions from the Zoholics Conference in Texas
16 April 2019 • Bernard Prince
From April 9 to 11, the Zoholics conference took place in Austin, Texas. Close to 2,000 people were in attendance to learn about the latest updates and see the new features Zoho had to offer. Solocom, an authorised Zoho partner, was there. Here is what you should know. A new marketing management tool What attracted…
Brand management
Updating your brand: Be careful of the “Lipstick on a pig” syndrome!
24 May 2017 • Philippe Jacques
Many (well-intentioned) managers looking to revitalize a company that’s losing steam tend to think that a refreshed logo will miraculously solve all of their business problems (to read the 5 business challenges identified through our qualitative research). At first glance, these managers should be commended for actively trying to change their company’s course. Unfortunately, many…
Brand management
Sales are dropping? Stop blaming the sales team
18 February 2016 • Pauline Noël
Business-to-business commerce suffers from stagnation problems that do not affect B2C, where brands quickly feel the effects of a disinterested target audience, particularly in the age of social media. In B2B, clients are more patient and value long-term relationships. However, they tend to place their business partners in silos: this means that increasing your sales…
Brand management
8 business environments for re-examining your brand strategy
11 February 2016 • Philippe Jacques
After 30 years of brand strategy research, one thing is obvious: companies often take too long to revisit their positioning. When they finally include this revision in their annual goals, it is often because their business environment has changed, or is going to change. No matter the cause, whether actual or anticipated, the exercise is…
Brand management
Doing everything in-house: a decision that will affect your market share
04 February 2016 • Philippe Jacques
For years, companies have been trying to cut costs across the board. In-house, companies are trying to do more with less: the director of one business sector must now oversee a second. In parallel, external services are seen as a money drain that needs to be plugged up: "We'll do it in-house, even if it's…
Brand management
Keep your brand strategy SIMPLE!
27 January 2016 • Philippe Jacques
Many businesses have noticed the same thing: their complex, if not complicated, operations slow them down and hurt their growth. These organizations often just want to get to the same level as their competitors without reviewing their positioning or brand strategy. This tactic is referred to as "me too" marketing. Operating this way creates confusion…
Brand management
Do you want to make faster progress in your market? Outsource!
12 November 2015 • Philippe Jacques
Businesses and their managers often have one thing in common: action cycles. Management focuses all of its attention on a small number of issues, and the other projects – important, but not urgent – are pushed off to the side by your organization. Of course, eventually these delayed projects must be prioritized, as now they…
Brand management
Are you paranoid within your company?
05 November 2015 • Philippe Jacques
Yes, paranoia is a mental illness. But, in the context of business, here I’m referring to your ability to anticipate change—to both manage and fuel it. All this in order to sharpen your offensive strength in the market. It forces you to be on the ball at all times. This touch of paranoia could even…
Brand management
Your marketing budget: 26% should go on content creation
29 October 2015 • Philippe Jacques
The digital era is here. If you, as manager, want to make the most of it, you have to teach yourself a new reflex action: ensure that your company’s strategies, tactics and initiatives are part of the digital ecosystem. It stands to reason – but there are still companies who haven’t gone for web marketing,…
Brand management
404 error: your brand’s competitive edge cannot be found
22 October 2015 • Philippe Jacques
Your clients visit your website, so do your prospects: can they quickly set you apart from your competitors? Are you the only one who uses the words "quality" and "service"? Is your product genuinely better than all the others? If you answered 'no' to any of these questions, it's because you are suffering from a…
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