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Liqui-Box specializes in packaging solutions for liquids. Based in Ohio, this company has international reach. Following a change in shareholders, they needed to update their positioning and marketing tools. In an industry dominated by international players, building an instantly recognizable and contemporary brand is crucial. The brand had to stand out to clients whenever they come into contact with it, in factories scattered all over the world. Find out how we differentiated Liqui-Box from its competitors and strengthened its unique place in its market!

Elaborate a concrete marketing strategy to improve brand experience

Solocom has created an innovative marketing and communication guide. This tool allowed Liqui-Box to differentiate its brand from the competition, to claim a unique market space thanks to its patents and its global network. This strategy helped position the company as a leader in its market.

Promote the brand through all points of contact with its market.

In order to create a new tagline and to design the new graphic signature, it was important to thoroughly research the brand’s assets, its market and customer / employee perception. Solocom conducted face-to-face interviews at the head office to identify these key elements, now reflected in the new signature and positioning.

A completely redesigned website to inform, convince and transform the visitor into a client

  • Cross-sectional information architecture, accessible by industry or type of product.
  • Flexible and powerful content managing system (CMS).
  • Dynamic content organized in a fully responsive website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Effective conversion via the contact form, redirecting to the appropriate department.

Successful repositioning, higher margins

The entire mandate mobilized our experts for almost a year: from initial interviews with senior management to the deployment of all the tools. The smart move from Liqui-Box was to invest heavily in marketing in anticipation of the return on investment. And the bet paid off.

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