Does your company stand out?

To differentiate your business, you need a marketing plan based on added value. Your positioning must be clear. Your competitive advantages known and well communicated. Solo can help you build a winning brand strategy for achieving your business goals.


Are your sales not meeting your goals?

Don’t let your company be dragged down by circumstances—do something to reverse the trend. Solo can work alongside your team to optimize your assets internally and make better decisions that will boost sales.


Are prospects confused by your message?

Yours is not the only company to suffer from an offer that’s not aligned with your marketing. Collaborate with Solo to enhance your content, website and other marketing tools in order to spark your business development.


When you have a solid brand strategy, you can leverage your strengths, stand out from the competition and reinforce your market position. Solo can guide you through the development and implementation of that strategy. In fact, since 1988, our agency has supported more than 600 companies of all sizes, operating in a variety of sectors, including goods and services, as well as B2B.


More than an ambassador, your website is also a salesperson who never sleeps. By optimizing your digital performance, you can attract new visitors online and even convert them into clients. Solo builds effective and responsive websites that are optimized for all mobile devices and that can be updated by you. Our web marketing team will improve all aspects of your digital ecosystem. Solo is a Google partner agency.


You need the “wow” factor to get ahead in business. You will be able to more easily persuade potential clients if your communications tools were specifically developed, structured and written to help you achieve your business goals. The Solo studio can provide everything you need: from corporate presentations to marketing automation campaigns to refreshed branding, deploying traditional campaigns or social media plans with equal passion.


At Solo, the art of growth is based on a customized strategy that aligns with your business goals,

accompanied by effective tools that will generate measurable results.

The first step in our method is drawing an objective portrait of your company and your business context. Our tools enable us to collect the precious data, upon which your future strategy will be based. Solo’s double expertise in brand strategy and digital performance will help you stand out from the competition.

The second step consists of deploying the adopted strategy through precise marketing tactics and methods. Our experienced team can generate a range of consistent tools for a variety of platforms. From a new website to signage, we can help express what makes your company, your DNA and your brand unique. These new and effective tools will play an integral role in your future growth.

During the third—and final—step, we will define and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure that you reach your business goals, increase your market share and ultimately, boost sales and profits. This step optimizes your communication activities in real time to ensure ongoing improvement of your results.


This is where Solo Communications shares best practices, useful trends and insightful reflections that can enhance your business success.


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