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Originally a product distributer, Les Emballages Jean Cartier had invested in becoming an optimization expert. However, the market was slow to pick up on this change, and sales were not reaching their potential. Solocom applied a 360-degree approach to understand the business and its strengths and weaknesses. We recommended structural changes, a new position and a segment-based marketing approach. Profound change in the company’s brand and culture brought tangible benefits, internally and externally. Learn how Solocom bridged the gap between this business and its market.

Increase sales by adequatly positionning and structuring the company in the right way to grow its sales

Every business has ambition, but many are restrained by an inadequate organization. Solocom recommended that the parent brand architecture be divided into four subsidiary brands to better identify the four strategic divisions in charge of meeting Cartier’s business objectives. The company’s clients were able to capture the diversity of the service offer, which favored multiple sales and business developments.

Modernize the brand image and signature for better market visibility.

As the family business saw the arrival of a new generation at the top, updating its image became a priority to project the company towards its future. While the historical colors have been preserved by Solocom’s designers, they are arranged in robust and ambitious letters. The new signature, “Packaging. Optimized”, focuses on the impact of Cartier’s expertise with the customer.

Spread the new branding consistently,

leveraging all opportunities for visibility.

The brand was first officially launched internally

to strengthen employer branding and employee pride.

Digital and printed communication tools were all revised and the fleet of trucks wrapped in the new image: time spent on the road makes these vehicles a prime means of communication.

The science of packaging optimization, a guarantee of increased profitability for Cartier customers

Solocom’s strategic approach made it possible for Cartier Packaging to develop its new commercial offer and become a formidable opponent in its market. Our work reinforced the corporate culture by removing the irritants and gathering power around the new brand. Thanks to a methodical launch, Cartier rapidly increased its reputation in the market while significantly increasing sales to new and existing customers.

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