Your clients visit your website, so do your prospects: can they quickly set you apart from your competitors? Are you the only one who uses the words “quality” and “service”? Is your product genuinely better than all the others?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions, it’s because you are suffering from a lack of descriptive text and from bland content, a syndrome that is identified by the equivalent of a 404 error, usually a page that cannot be found on your website.

This 404 error, this missing content, is the added value of a company or retail brand, helping you convert a prospect into a client or, if you prefer, making your company the brand of choice.

Present your products and/or services objectively

One of my clients kept telling me that their product was far superior to the market leader in terms of quality. However, the competitor sold a billion products compared to 5 million units for my client…. that’s 200 times as many!

Is mass production necessarily associated with mediocre quality? To this day, I am far from being convinced. Are the buyers of a billion products truly mistaken in their choice of product, and rejecting quality? Maybe, but you must admit that making such a claim, and above all, proving it, is quite a challenge and means your brand must be portrayed effectively.

If your products can be replaced by those of a competitor, what are you doing about your service? Do you open earlier, do you close later? Can you be reached over the weekend or during the evening? Do you have enough employees at your points of sale or in your warehouse? Do you respond quickly to customer questions via your website? Are you highlighting a unique advantage?

Tomorrow morning, if I become one of your customers, will my experience be amazing or “just satisfactory”? Your website must be a faithful reflection of your products and services, or you risk creating expectations… which will not be met.

Set yourself apart, or live with the consequences.

Your company brand and your retail brands must be more than “just satisfactory”. The day when your clients realize your products and services are “just satisfactory”, you will find yourself on a par with your competitors. And in that case, the rule is always the same: when a customer is unable to distinguish between two products, price becomes the sole criteria for making a decision.

Is adopting the model for competing on price like Wal-Mart or Dollarama, the masters of this retail strategy, truly how you want to build a prosperous business?

Rely on the definition and the portrayal of your brand on all platforms

I built Solocom on a conviction: the brands entrusted to me live in only one place, in the minds of your customers.

Therefore this brand needs to be regularly built and maintained, in what you say and do every day.

With the right positioning, the appropriate strategy, a strong execution plan and support from marketing professionals like us, there is no doubt that your sales will take off. And after that … “the sky’s the limit”!