Company executives usually contact me, because their team needs a hand in reaching their business objectives. Following various discussions and approval of the mandate, we begin the process by applying our methodology; the first step of which is analyzing the company’s various strategic elements.

Two classic pitfalls to avoid

In some cases, we realize that the desired business objectives are simply not realistic and have to address the matter directly with our client. In cases where the objectives are attainable, we often encounter another problem: the business strategy and the brand strategy are not aligned.

This is generally the kind of problem that the client doesn’t see coming, because he or she is too preoccupied taking care of other short-term objectives. However, it is nearly impossible for a company to positively impact its sales growth without addressing the issue. Solution? Contract a strategy expert and give him/her the budget needed to “dig deep enough for insight”, as they say.

Running won’t solve anything…

In many cases, the client wants a quick fix, something to activate sales in the short term. This makes them prey to “lipstick on a pig” specialists.

Creating and then executing a series of strategies, as well as developing the necessary communications tools, can take between 6-24 months. This may seem like a long time, but sticking to the status quo and not addressing weaknesses in your marketing cycle will not lead to sustainable sales growth.

…but you do need to get moving

The last ten large-scale mandates I was involved in had the following in common: a budget and timeline that matched the company’s ambitious goals.

You want change now and “cosmetic” changes can be implemented in a matter of weeks, but to what end? To create enduring change, you must invest time and money, be open to new possibilities and commit to persevering.

If I’ve learned anything in my 30 years of experience as a strategic consultant, it’s that sustainable change will simplify your life and make your organization more stable and more profitable over the long term.

So have faith in the process! Contact Solocom to learn how you can achieve your high expectations. We have the expertise you can count on.